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About Us

​Our Instructors Have

Over 40 Years

Of Combined Experience

Behind The Wheel. Best of the Best!


Nevada Desert Truck Driving School's
Courses of Study:


* Orientation

* CDL Examination Preparation and Testing

* DOT Regulations

* Driver's hours of service

* Safety/Log Book Training

* Pre-trip inspection

* Coupling and uncoupling

* Straight line & Angle backing

* Progressive Shifting

* Close-quarter maneuvering

* Road Driving: city, urban, & open road

* Defensive Driving

Look at any Help Wanted site or the back of every Semi you pass. They're always hiring truck drivers, and the pay is damn good.

Problem is, you need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to legally drive a semi-truck, and most other commercial vehicles.

Potential employers, plus Federal and State laws, require a minimum amount of training in order to be a truck driver.

Unfortunately, not all truck driver training schools are equal. Many schools will only teach you the bare minimum required to pass the tests at the Nevada CDL DMV. While still charging you more than they really have to.

Many graduates of "other" schools really don't have all the skills necessary to be a safe, competent, professional Drover, out on the road! That means more accidents and higher insurance rates for everyone.

We believe there is a Better Way.


Ask these important questions at the other schools you're looking at:


  • Do they teach you how to down-shift smoothly, and at the exact right time?

  • Do they have you practice chaining up your tires?

  • Will you be practicing sliding the wheels of the trailer forward and backward?

  • Do they teach you G O A L (Get Out And Look) when backing up?

The "Driver Trainers" of Nevada Desert Truck Driving School take pride in thoroughly preparing you for your CDL.


These are just a few of the things we will teach you, which the other schools will not.

Every Thursday, All Year Round, we host a Free Backyard Bar-B-Que for our students and guests.

Rain Snow or Shine, we've got Thursday Lunch covered!

We start serving around 11:AM, and always cook enough for everyone.

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