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Flexibility and Teamwork


Students at all stages of training learn together in the same building, on the same trucks.

Therefore, in addition to learning from your instructors; you will also learn by watching more

advanced students practicing the same maneuvers and pre-trip inspections you'll be performing, yourself.


Handouts and Materials

When you first attend Nevada Desert Truck Driving School, you will receive:

1.) An official Nevada Commercial Driver handbook.

2.) Practice tests and the answers, for the written tests at the DMV.


You need to get a commercial learner’s permit to be able to

practice driving a semi-truck out on the road. They will not

give you the permit until you pass a minimum of these three

written tests:


* General Knowledge

* Combination Vehicles

* Air Brakes


3.) The Pre-trip Inspection check-list.

The DMV will test you to ensure you know every single

individual item you must inspect before you even start

your truck. What to look for, and why it is important.

If you fail this critical test, you will not receive your CDL.

You will need to point at over a hundred parts on the Tractor

and Trailer, while describing what they are and why you

are inspecting them. We will make sure you can.

4.) Paper handouts of the T-SALT air brake tests.


This is a required test at the DMV in order to get your CDL.

Any state police officer may stop you on the road at any time

when you are driving a commercial vehicle, and require you

to perform this brake test on the side of the road.

5.) A time card.


Yes, you punch in and punch out on a time clock at School.

Employers require a minimum number of hours of classroom

instruction. The state of Nevada requires we prove you were

instructed for the required number of hours.

The Federal Motor Carrier department audits our paperwork.

Nevada state law only requires 120 hours in order to get your CDL.

Swift Trucking only requires 120 hrs, while most employers require

160 hours. Some employers want to see 200 hours or more.


You can complete the 120 hour course in 3 weeks, if you are never
late, show up at 6 am 7 days a week, and treat school like a job.

Hone Your Skills


Once you have earned your CDL Class A Learner's Permit, you will

be driving manual transmission Tractor-Trailer rigs on public streets.

Priority is of course given to those who are closer to taking their

driving test at the DMV. But you will still get to spend time behind the

wheel, every day.

While not actually driving, your classroom time will be spent watching

training videos; reciting the Pre-trip inspection check list; learning all of

the systems and their functions, as well as how to properly chain tires.


One morning every 2 weeks will be spent learning correct professional

logbook keeping.


Learn In The Best Way You Learn


Training Videos, Instructional Reading Materials, Hands On, and Professional Driver Demonstrations

At any time you may sit down and watch instruction videos showing the

Pre-trip Inspection, or videos of the maneuvering and parking skills tests

which you'll be taking at the DMV.

Parking Lot Driving Time

We have two different lots for you to hone your practical skills on.

One is completely off the public road, so you can practice before

you even have your permit. You will learn:

1.) Bumper Stop

2.) 100 foot back-up

3.) Blind side parallel dock

4.) Sight side parallel dock

5.) Serpentine maneuvers

6.) Alley dock

7.) Right turns



At Nevada Desert Truck Driving School, you will also learn:

1.) Chaining up the tires for snow or ice.

2.) Sliding the fifth wheel under the trailer correctly. Backing up the

tractor to the trailer, then locking and unlocking it properly.

3.) Sliding the rear wheels forward and backward on the rear sub-frame

slide rail; locking and unlocking the slider.

Some jurisdictions require you to change this for driving in their area.

(If you have a gross vehicle weight of just under the maximum of 80,000 pounds,

and your tandem axles are too far forward, this may cause your load to be

unbalanced and dangerous. That is illegal, because there will be too much weight

on one axle or set of axles.)

4.) Practice adjusting trailer slack adjusters on the air brakes.

5.) Couple and uncouple the trailer and fifth wheel.

6.) Other miscellaneous skills, which only experienced drivers know.

Note: Most schools do not always teach those “other skills."


On The Road Driving Time

There are at least 5 seats in each semi-truck. So, there is room for the instructor

and 4 students to go out on the road. You will get plenty of turns driving on Sparks

and Reno streets and the freeway.

You will learn how to up-shift and downshift. You will learn how to shift both

double-clutching, and with no clutch at all.

You will learn what the DMV instructor will watch for when you take your driving


You will be prepared. Even knowing what questions the DMV instructor will

ask you when you are going up a hill, or when you are crossing a railroad, etc.

Other schools do not teach you how to down-shift.

But Nevada Desert Truck Driving School wants you to be the best.

Ready for anything and safe for the road.

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