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Welcome To Nevada Desert Truck Driving School, LTD
"Creating a Brighter Future For Our Students" 

It's possible to get your CDL, even if you have Diabetes.

Contact your Doctor and fill out the Exemption Package.

Download the document PDF package from here:

Diabetes Exemption Package

Tution pic.PNG

You may also qualify for Financial Assistance or Free Paid Training through these fine organizations:

Have you served our Nation by Enlisting in the Armed Services?

The State Of Nevada will grant you a waiver to get your CDL!

Nevada Desert Truck Driving School is open and educating

7 days a week.

Monday thru Friday we're open 6:AM to 3:PM.

Saturday and Sunday our hours are 6:AM to12:00 Noon.



More Importantly: We will not expel or charge you extra before you have your CDL, like many of the other schools do.

Nevada Desert Truck Driving School has also taken the liberty of researching additional grants and trucking organizations which are willing to pay up to 100% of your Tuition for you. Click on the image to download our data sheet to your computer.

We are located in Reno, NV.


585 Depaoli Street. 

Suite B 

Reno, NV 89512

Please come visit us during our business hours to get your questions answered, meet our excellent people, and tour our training facility.

Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!

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